Now, my father he has finished telling me the story.

Now, we have finished meditation time on potter’s wheel.

Now, we have finished story time also.

Now, it is time for me to learn, and time for me to work.

Before I begin to learn and begin to work, my father stops

My father he turns to me and he says one last thing to me

He says the Chaiwalla taught him the lesson of harmony

He says he wants me to learn this lesson from Chaiwalla

My father says Chaiwalla said we are on sacred journey

Just same as passengers on railway train are on journey

We all are given a full cup of life. A full kulhar of chai.

When we finish our chai we throw away the kulhar

Then the kulhar mixes back into the sacred earth.

That is why we must live our life so we can mix back

We must not let our heart become so hard it cannot mix

We should live our life like simple kulhar and mix back

We should drink up our full kulhar cup of chai with joy.

— Story and Illustrations by Karim Ajania